Friday, September 12, 2014

Gor gor's transformation to 5!

Following last year's Avenger theme party, this year, he wanted bigger and stronger heroes!


I saw so many beautiful 3D cakes online but his school has muslim students and teachers thus we have to prepare halal certified cakes. So... we ended up getting a plain cake from the bakery and adding halal printed icing on top again this year.

 DIY labels for his goody bags.

The content of the bags... snacks and a skipping rope.

 It makes my heart so warm and fuzzy when I see him so happy.

 Mei mei playing with her toy bus.

Look! Tor Tor (that's how mei mei calls her brother), airpain (aeroplane)!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

MacRitchie TreeTop Walk

Been wanting to bring gor gor on a nature walk for a long time but because mei mei is still young so has been putting it off. Don't wanna be stuck in a situation whereby papa has to carry her along. That would be too tiring. But after a few recent trips to parks and reservoirs, we think she is ready for longer distance trekking because this little toughie likes to walk and is able to walk quite a distance too!

Today, we visited HSBC TreeTop Walk (TTW) at MacRitchie. More information on the walk can be found here. Round trip from car park (Venus Drive) to the TTW would take about 3 hrs. As we have along a 2 yr old and my mum who has knee issues, our walk took nearly 4.5hrs.

Grandpa brought trekking poles for the kids. They are all ready to hit the track! 

We started at 7am. The air was fresh, foliage green and still wet from the morning dew and there was a stream with clear water running along part of the track. Feels so out of the world in the concrete city we live in.

Wondered what was in grandpa's bag. So big and bulky. Later found out that he brought along japanese cookies he bought from Meidiya the day before and fruits for the kids. Amazing.

At the start of the Tree Top Walk. The total length of the walkway is about 250m and its height from the forest floor varies, with the highest point at 25m. The bridge is very stable but it's still kinda scary when you look down from it. 

Somewhere in the middle of the bridge.

View from the bridge.

This fearless little gal is not afraid of height at all.

He wanted me to read him all the boards he came across.

The monkeys here must be too used to seeing humans. They are not afraid at all! This one just sat there staring at me approaching it. I had to stop cos I worry it was going to jump on me if I get any closer. It was only when the rest of the family caught up with me then it went away. 

The power of zoom lens. LOL 

We definitely enjoyed the walk this morning and are sure to return another day. 
Just remember to bring lots of water and mozzie repellant.

NOTE from NParks

For your safety, public access to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (BTNR) will be limited for about two years, with effect from 15 September 2014 as the National Parks Board (NParks) carries out repair and restoration works to the slopes, trails and forests in the reserve. NParks will also use the opportunity to upgrade its more than 20-year old visitor centre at the foot of BTNR.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mum, I'm on TV!

Recently my boy played a tiny tiny part in a TV commercial promoting the joy of parenthood. It was made up of a series of short...really short... 1 sec kinda short... video clips of parenthood moments. 

The commercial is still being shown on channel 5 and 8 and my boy gets excited whenever he catches it. He will tell all of us to stop whatever we are doing to watch him on TV. Are you able to spot him? 

Parenthood Journeys (Mums)

On the day of filming, I was really surprised at how at ease he was with the crew and how he understood he was being film yet wasn't at all conscious about it. New surrounding, all the strangers and props and a big camera in his face yet he was so relax.


First paycheck at 4 year old. 

I asked him how he wanted to manage the money, giving him the following options.

1) Save all the money in the bank
2) Save part of the money and spent some
3) Spent all the money

He chose option 2. Phew...

Then I asked him if he wants to spent the money on food or toys? No prize for guessing the right answer. 

Then I gave him 2 options again. 

1) Spent the money to buy a big toy (more expensive) for himself
2) Spent the money to buy 2 smaller toys (cheaper) for himself and mei mei

Phew again. He chose option 2. I'm so proud of him!

At the toy shop, he impressed me again when he realised all the toys he picked were over the budget. Instead of trying to either bargain for more budget or getting a cheaper one for sister so he can get the more expensive toy he wanted, he simply put back the more expensive toys and went for the cheaper ones. Silly? Innocence? Or simply level headed and down to earth?  

Happy with their new toys. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

HOOT! DIY Teachers Day Owl Gift Bags

A long overdue post on yet another crafty day for the kids. This day, we made gift bags for their teachers as teachers day gifts, all 18 of them! 19 to be exact because gor gor insisted on giving one to the administrator too.

A little background story on our childcare centre (ccc) hunting woes... The childcare centres near my place are all in hot HOT demand because it's a new neighbourhood with lots of young families with young kids. 2 years ago, hubby and I went on a ccc hunt and we were put on so many waiting lists, we lost count. Of cos there are those few with vacancy but they are either too expensive, out of the way, or we don't really feel comfortable with the school. In the end, gor gor spent a year in a private ccc which is still... affordable, not that far but was at least 10 minutes drive away and main problem was.. Ian doesn't seems to be learning much and he was basically playing all the time, not constructive, educational type of play but play-till-mad type of play. No good.

So boy were I glad and relieved when the kids were accepted in the childcare centre just 2 minutes walk away from home. Most importantly, the teachers and principal in this school are really good. Gor gor is a really active and mischievous boy who is always trying to push his and everyone else's limits, but the teachers are so patient with him. Not only advising him but also kept up communication with me frequently, updating me on his improvement and also advising me on how I should coach him at home. To show our appreciation, we decided to give every teacher in school a DIY gift bag with a little gift inside.

It took us some time to prepare all the bags. I did most of the work with the kids doing the finishing touches.

These were the bags we made.

Fold in the 2 top corners of the brown paper bag.

Glue on paper doilies for eyes

Glue on another layer

Glue on a beak on the folded down flap

I used puncher to punched out these smaller sized scalloped circles.

Glue these on and use a black marker to draw the eyes 

Decorating the bag with handprints. Mei mei really enjoyed doing this.

Gor gor did more sophisticated designs.

2 of the completed bags. Arn't they beautiful? Hope the teachers like them :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Gor's 4th Birthday Celebration in school

Gone are the days of Barney, Mickey and Elmo. According to the 3+ yr old, those are for babies and he's a big boy now and likes only super heroes. How quickly they grow...

So for his birthday this year, we have decided on the Avengers theme!

Goody bags for his classmates. I hope the gals won't mind these "manly" bags.

Other then a 2kg cake, we had cupcakes with ring toppers, which was a bad idea cos all the kids wanted the cupcakes with rings instead of the cake.

A very happy boy. A huge difference from last year, when he was too overwhelmed by the attention during his own party that he cried throughout.

Mama refuses to give up cuteness and prepared "walking pets" balloons for the kids.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grrr... DIY lion mask

School is teaching the kids about animals this term and parent has to help the kid make an artwork for show and tell. I thought a toilet paper roll snake would be easy and quick to make (I'm really busy recently) but he insisted he wants a big and powerful animal. He MUST make a lion!


Ok, so I googled and found this quick and easy lion mask that a 4 yr old can DIY. I feel that since the artwork is to be done by the kid, parent shouldn't be too hands-on in doing it. We can guide and give suggestions but we should let the child work on the artwork himself. When I was teaching children's art and crafts during a holidays camp, I've seen too many parents trying to manipulate their kid's artwork, telling them what colour to use, what to draw, and the worst case was when a parent told the child his work is too ugly and asked the kid to exchange his work with mine so they can bring home my work instead. Poor kid. I can still remember the confused look on him when he was told to give up his own artwork for mine.

Materials to prepare...

Draw a circle in the centre of the paper plate and cut out the circle. Then cut out strips of papers (about 2cm x 8cm) from the yellow and orange papers.

 Apply glue around the plate.

Stick the strips of of papers all around, covering the paper plate.

I drew out the shape of the lion's ear on a piece of yellow felt (can use paper too) and a smilier shape but smaller on a piece of red paper. Cut out the shapes and get the kid to glue the red paper on the felt. You will need to make 2 sets for ears.

Stick on longer black strips of paper for whiskers. Staple on rubber bands on both sides so he can wear the mask.  And the mask is completed!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pancakes Sunday

We seldom have breakfast at home on weekends but on this Sunday, we decided to make some pancakes! Gor Gor was so thrilled of the idea, he woke up especially early.

Measuring out the flour
Breaking the egg was a challenge

Full concentration

Insisted on wearing his apron. 

Nope, he didn't prepare that whole mountain of pancakes. He did only 2 while I did the rest. He was simply too impatient, wanting to flip the pancakes too soon. 

 Love seeing him eat.
Mei mei prefers the banana.

So much fun, so much to learn, healthier and so much cheaper. Why do we still pay for hotcakes?